How It Works

How Do I Measure My Hose Assembly?

Please use the below photo as a reference on how to measure your Overall Length for assemblies.

  1. Hold the hose assembly as if you are looking into a telescope.
  2. Position the elbow at the far end at 12 o'clock (straight up).
  3. Identify the position of the closest fitting according to the examples below

The first major component is allowing for slack in a hose assembly. Under pressure hoses can stretch and shrink.

Allow for flex in hoses that are subject to movement with equipment and use braces where needed to keep the hose from becoming tangled.

If a hose is twisted during installation, it can cause the fittings to loosen as the hose under pressure will start to straighten.

Use Adapters! Don't be afraid to use a straight hose end and a 90⪚ or 45° adapter to create the end result to keep hoses simple

Hose placement near an exhaust or manifold must use care. Use heat resistant sleeving or brackets to route the hose out of harms way.

Where a hose bends, ensure you are within the minimum bend radius of the hose selected. Too tight a bend may kink the hose.